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Initiatives by the Department of Environment under the World Bank Assistance:

1. Demarcation of High Tide Line (HTL): Under the Emergency Tsunami Reconstruction Project (ETRP) the demarcation of HTL (1:5,000 scales) along the coast of Tamil Nadu was awarded to Institute of Remote Sensing (IRS) Anna University. The IRS, Anna University has submitted the final maps which includes information on Low tide Line (LTL) and HTL (100mts, 200mts and 500mts from HTL). These maps have been verified in the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu using Global Positioning System (GPS) by the officials of the Department of Environment. The final maps have been forwarded to all  the coastal  District Collectors, District Environmental Engineers (TNPCB) and Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) since they are  the Members of the District Coastal Zone Management Authority.  

2. Erection of Stone Pillars on High Tide Line reference points: In order to facilitate the coastal community, planners, stakeholder and revenue officials HTL stone pillars have been erected in Thiruvallur, Chennai and Kancheepuram districts. It is proposed to carryout this work for the remaining coastal stretches (10 districts) through Tamil Nadu Forest Department. It is proposed to complete the entire work by August 2012.

3. Preparation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZMP) and Coastal Vulnerability Maps of Tamil Nadu and preparation of Training Modules: The coast of Tamil Nadu is replete with several economic activities like industry, tourism and fisheries. To minimize the conflicts of interest between various competing activities, an appropriate management plan rationally integrating the activities of all the stakeholders is essential. In order to achieve economic prosperity without sacrificing ecological security, Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan is being prepared for the coastline of Tamil Nadu. The setback lines in the coastal areas will also be drawn based on the vulnerability of the coast to natural and man made hazards. For the purpose of assessing the vulnerability of the coast, seven parameters are taken into account viz., elevation, geology, geomorphology, sea level trends, horizontal shore line displacement (erosion / accretion), tidal ranges and wave heights. The Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan and Coastal Vulnerability Maps are being prepared by DHI (India) Water & Environment.  As requested by the consultant the date of submission of final reports has been extended upto 30.11.2011.