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        Coastal Zone Management Plan





Preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plan Maps with reference to the CRZ Notification 2011

Government of Tamil Nadu have prepared and forwarded Coastal Zone Management Plan Maps for its entire coastal stretches of Tamil Nadu on the basis of CRZ Notification 1991 for approval on 23.08.1996 and the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India approved the same by Letter No.J-17011/16/93-IA-III dated 27th September 1996 subject to certain modifications/conditions/suggestions to comply with. Subsequently revised coastal maps have been approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, GoI in Letter No.J-11011/18/98-IA-III dated 23.6.2000.  The activities in CRZ areas have been regulated based on the above approved Coastal Zone Management Plan maps till date.

            2) Ministry of Environment and Forests, GoI have promulgated CRZ Notification 2011 in  supersession of the notification of the Government of India issued in the Ministry of Environment and Forests, number S.O.114(E), dated the 19th February, 1991.

3) In CRZ Notification 2011 issued on 06.01.2011,  guidelines have been prescribed for the preparation of new Coastal Zone Management Plans (CZMP), vide Annexure I.  As per the said guidelines, HTL demarcation maps, in the village cadastral maps in 1:5000 scale have been prepared by the Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University who is one among the authorized agency approved by Government of India.  Copies of the said 1:500 scale cadastral maps have already been forwarded to the District Collectors of Coastal Districts, District Environmental Engineers of TNPCB and also to the Deputy Directors of Town and Country Planning concerned.

4) Vide para 5 (vi) of the CRZ Notification 2011,  the coastal States and Union Territory will prepare within a period of twenty four months from the date of issue the notification, draft CZMPs in 1:25,000 scale maps identifying and classifying the CRZ areas within the respective territories in accordance with the guidelines given in Annexure-I of the notification, which involve public consultation;

5) It is informed that the  TNSCZMA in the 69th meeting held on 30.12.2012 resolved to prepare CZMP Maps as per the guidelines and specifications prescribed in CRZ Notification, 2011 through GIS cell of Department of Environment.

6) Accordingly the GIS cell has prepared draft 31 CZMP maps in 1:25000 scale in the place of existing approved CZMP maps prepared by the DTCP (copies available with the Department of Town Country Planning),  based on the HTL demarcation map furnished by the Institute of Remote Sensing, Anna University, Chennai by retaining the existing zonations viz., CRZ-I, II & III as per the existing approved Coastal Zone Management Plan Maps.

              7) The change of zonation should be  conform with the provisions of para 7 of CRZ Notification 2011 (annexed). Hence any request for the change of Zonation should be substantiated with sufficient details confirming the requirements/features indicated under para 7 of CRZ Notification 2011.

              8) The request for the change of zonation / views/ suggestions will be placed before the Tamil Nadu State Coastal Zone Management Authority (TNSCZMA)   for consideration based on the evidences/ details.  The final CZMP maps will be sent to MoEF., GoI with the recommendation of TNSCZMA for approval.  The new CZMPs will be in force on their approval from the MoEF., GOI and then, from the dated of approval,  the activities in CRZ areas will be regulated based on the new CZMPs prepared as per CRZ Notification 2011.

CRZ Notification 2011

Para 7: Classification of the CRZ – For the purpose of conserving and protecting the coastal areas and marine waters, the CRZ area shall be classified as follows, namely:-

(i) CRZ-I,–

A. The areas that are ecologically sensitive and the geomorphological features which play a role in the maintaining the integrity of the coast,-

(a) Mangroves, in case mangrove area is more than 1000 sq mts, a buffer of 50meters

      along the mangroves shall be provided;

(b) Corals and coral reefs and associated biodiversity;

(c) Sand Dunes;

(d) Mudflats which are biologically active;

(e) National parks, marine parks, sanctuaries, reserve forests, wildlife habitats and other protected

areas under the provisions of Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972), the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 (69 of 1980) or Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 (29 of 1986); including Biosphere Reserves;

(f) Salt Marshes;

(g) Turtle nesting grounds;

(h) Horse shoe crabs habitats;

(i) Sea grass beds;

(j) Nesting grounds of birds;

(k) Areas or structures of archaeological importance and heritage sites.

B. The area between Low Tide Line and High Tide Line;

 (ii) CRZ-II,-

The areas that have been developed upto or close to the shoreline.


For the purposes of the expression “developed area” is referred to as that area within the existing municipal limits or in other existing legally designated urban areas which are substantially built-up and has been provided with drainage and approach roads and other infrastructural facilities, such as water supply and sewerage mains;

(iii) CRZ-III,

Areas that are relatively undisturbed and those do not belong to either CRZ-I or II which include

coastal zone in the rural areas (developed and undeveloped) and also areas within municipal

 limits or in other legally designated urban areas, which are not substantially builtup.

(iv.) CRZ-IV,

A. the water area from the Low Tide Line to twelve nautical miles on the seaward side;

B. shall include the water area of the tidal influenced water body from the mouth of the water body at the sea upto the influence of tide which is measured as five parts per thousand during the driest season of the year.

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Approved CZMP Maps


1. Thiruvallur Click here

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2. Chennai CMDA Click here

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3. Kancheepuram Click here

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4. Villupuram Click here

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5. Cuddalore Click here

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6. Nagapattinam Click here


7. Thiruvarur Click here


8. Thanjavur Click here


9. Pudukkottai Click here

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10. Ramanathapuram Click here

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11. Thoothukudi Click here


12. Tirunelveli Click here


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