State of Environment Report - 2005 :

The State of Environment (SoE) provides a general picture of the state of the bio- physical and socio-economic condition and an understanding of how human activities affect the environmental conditions and its implications on human health and economic well being. It also provides an overview of the outcome of responses such as policy initiatives, legislative reform and changes in policy behavior. 

The SoE report is intended to provide a benchmark for future reporting and also serve as the database for the policy making for the preparation of environmental management plans. SoE Report discusses viable policy initiatives, legislative reforms required for economic well-being. During the tenth five year plan, the Ministry of Environment and Forests, GoI proposed a scheme for assisting the State Government and Union Territories to develop and disseminate State of the Environment Report on triannual basis. 

The SoE Report of Tamil Nadu was prepared using DPSIR format, which includes information on Demography, Agriculture, Forest and wild life, biodiversity, Archaeology and Tourism, Water resources, Coastal and Marine environment, Industrialisation and Urbanisation. The SoE reports have a large pool of potential users for both the monitoring and reporting functions of the system. The SoE Report prepared for the State of Tamil Nadu covers the priority issues pertaining to the environment.

The preparation of a State of Environment Report has been undertaken with the financial assistance from the Government of India. This scheme will be continued with additional features like State of Environment atlas, State of Environment photo catalogues, State of Environment video and an interactive website on State of Environment of Tamil Nadu.

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