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Wetland Day 2016

      World Wetlands Day is celebrated internationally each year on 2 February. World Wetlands Day was first celebrated in 1997. Since then government agencies, non-government organisations and community groups have celebrated World Wetlands Day by undertaking actions to raise public awareness of wetland values and benefits and promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands.

World Wetlands Day 2016

The international theme for World Wetlands Day 2016 is Wetlands for our future: sustainable livelihoods.

Wetlands play an important role in the processes that keep our landscapes healthy and productive. They support industries such as agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism by supplying water for crops, stock and people, maintaining water quality, providing habitat for commercial species and having cultural and recreational values. Wetlands host a huge variety of life, protect our coastlines, provide natural defences against river flooding or storm surges and store carbon dioxide to regulate climate change.

Threats to wetlands

      Major direct threats for inland wetlands are infrastructure development (dams, dykes, road, residential and commercial buildings), land reclamation and over-harvesting.

       Major indirect threats are aquaculture, agriculture, reduced water flow, depletion of ground and surface water supplies, introduction of invasive alien species, and organic and inorganic pollutants.

Simple steps to protect wetlands

     Do not throw garbage into wetland

     Do not pollute the wetland with sewage water

     Do not clog the wetlands with plastic waste

     Do not harm the wetland birds and plants

     Do not build houses and other habitation in wetland floodplain

On this World Wetland Day, I urge all to take responsibility for environmental sustainability and social equality for better wetland management.  The current global population of seven billion is expected to grow to nine billion by 2050.  But the number of wetlands need not decrease.  By promoting wetland management, we can save money and resources, minimize environmental impacts and, most importantly, move towards a world where everyone can fulfill their dreams.

I once again urge all citizens to join us to achieve this year's theme.